The sissko kid, was a friend of minnnnne. Hey! Sisssssko kid, was a friend of mine. Hey! Who is that kid? If you don't know, he's my friend. Sing that tune!

Sissko kid, was a friend of mine! The song says. Sisskoooo kid, what a great friend, to me, he's mine! All mine! Sissko kid, a good good friend, one of my best friends. Hey! I love the sissko kid, my friend, we hang out together all the time. My friend! Sissko kid, my friend my friend, a friend of mine, we play games, super friend to me, sissko, the kid who loves me. Me! All my friends in a song!

Here we go, sissko and me, what do we do? We're drinking wine! What do we do? We're drinking that wine! Me and the sissko kid, special friends, best friends forever, we get together and what do we do? We're drinking wine! The sissko kid, he loves me, he loves wine, we hang out. Hey! Sometimes I drink orange soda instead if someone has left some out accidentally.

I love friends, I have friends, who's my best friend? Sissko kid! A friend of mine, he likes salted peanuts, eating them all, out the can, he hates gringos, I chase gringos, if you see a gringo, you let me know. I chase them all! Along with my friend, a friend, a friend of mine, my best friend, him and me, together forever, we make two, just two cool guys, hanging out forever, we're best friends. Who's that kid? Sissko kid!

Outlaws, outlaws, we are outlaws, we are fun guys, run around all day, everybody say: Hey! Yay! Sissko kid, that's your friend, you have a friend, you're so lucky, popular guy! We ride off in the sunset, the sun is setting, we are running, we are chasing, action everywhere, I look at him, he look at me, Sissko kid, who is that? A friend my friend best friend good guy. Hey! There's that sunset, time to run. Run into it, burn us up, I don't care, he's my friend, sissko sissko sissko, he's a kid, just a kid, but that's not all, more than a kid to me, he's a friend, the greatest friend, special friend, very best friend, my only friend, that's okay, don't need more, only need one, best in the world, sissko sissko sissko kiddddddddddd, matching t-shirts that both say "Friend." Hey!

We ride the biggest horse all the way!

[Image by Jim Cooke. Sing that tune.]