Cut My Hair Right

A dog · 08/11/16 03:00PM

A-oooooga! The sound of the approaching tugboat shatters the night’s fog. I make the boat sound with my own wet mouth.

A Window on the World

A dog · 08/10/15 12:43PM

A porthole is a boat, a boat a ship of life. Tossed upon the seas of life am I, watching from my porthole boat. A boat, a boat. A boataboat. Putt putt putt putt putt.

Dog Reporter

A dog · 07/09/15 11:45AM

Beppppp. Bep bep bep. Here is my paper note pad and here is my pen, in my mouth along with the note pad. Hello I’m here for the interview. A real professional, live on the scene.

Kill That Hoopla

A dog · 03/09/15 01:17PM

Woot! Have you heard someone say this? Woot! (they say). Lordy, lordy.

Oh, Gifts?

A Dog · 12/12/14 01:00PM

O cummm, all ye faithfulllll. Cummm cummm cummm, it's Christmas.

I'm the Wild West Type

A dog · 11/11/14 01:11PM

If I had a cowboy hat, what would be inside? Nothing but a furry dome—and a mouse that likes to ride!

Say No to Ebola

A dog · 10/22/14 11:55AM

I would like to tell you a story, about a friend. A story? An elegy, perhaps. A friend? A soul. As fly as mine own when I'm getting all that static electricity nonstop.


A dog · 09/18/14 08:00AM

Fly! Heart roaming thru the heaven's subtle firmament. Soar! Onrushing fervor in my verisimilitude.

I Ate an Apple

A dog · 08/28/14 12:00PM

The bump on my tongue is not just the end, of my tongue. It is the beginning— dash dash dash! Of a story.- - - -

Cereal In My Mouth

A dog · 08/21/14 12:00PM

I would not say that the cereal in the box was given to me. What I would say is that, through a series of events, I came to have access to the cereal in the box.

Crated and Obliterated

A dog · 07/24/14 09:21AM

I like a dead bird. I like a live bird. Any kind of bird is allowed to hang out with me.

The Best Friend Song

A dog · 06/18/14 10:51AM

The sissko kid, was a friend of minnnnne. Hey! Sisssssko kid, was a friend of mine. Hey! Who is that kid? If you don't know, he's my friend. Sing that tune!

Heck on That

A dog · 06/12/14 12:23PM

Urrrrrggggh. Sometimes if you eat a bug your stomach says: no thank you, I don't want that.

Is It Time?

A dog · 05/28/14 03:05PM

Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Over here. Over here. Over here. Right here. Hi.


A dog · 05/22/14 10:50AM

Do you think that you are the only one who can tell a story? That is just not true. I have a story to tell.


A dog · 05/07/14 10:00AM

Shoop. Ssshhhhoo boop. Shoo boop, de boop shoo boop. Hello. Didn't see you there. Do you want to sit on a pillow? I am singing my jam.