Read a Book

A dog · 04/30/14 02:46PM

Capital in the Twenty-First Century, by Thomas Piketty. Belknap Press, 685 pp. Tastes like dry paper.

Party Time

A dog · 04/22/14 11:38AM

Is life a party? I don't know.

Give a Kiss to Me

A dog · 04/15/14 04:23PM

Saw a mouse in my house, yes! She's my girlfriend nowwww.


A dog · 04/08/14 11:06AM

Lots of encouraging comments from readers lately. Many of you seem to long for an interspecies connection, an emotional bridge across the boundaries of biological determinism, into a world of pure love. It's odd to call this a desire for a more "humane" lifestyle, but that does seem to capture the feeling, does it not? A banana fell on my floor yesterday. Ripe and yellow, radiant as a blooming sunflower. I'd never had one before. Sniffing did not revel any trace of meat in its aroma, but I ate it anyhow. What can I say? I'm adventurous. It squished like a worm, but a least a worm is meaty. A worm, if you lick it up into your mouth, at first you feel guilty, like "oh, I accidentally licked up a squirming worm," but in one to two seconds you begin to think of the worm as less a living creature and more a tasty meaty snack. When you chew it up it's not bad. It's not a meal, but it can damn sure be an appetizer. This is how nature is. The dog eats the worm, the dog eats the dog, dog eat dog world, dog eat worm. Live with it. Or die with it, brother. The banana I didn't like though.


A dog · 04/01/14 11:42AM

Found out just recently that "Jajajaja" is how foreign people express laughter in typing. I want to be clear that for me it's just a sound I make. The "J" sound is like "jam!" when I say it.


A dog · 03/25/14 03:38PM

Hey. Hey. Hi. Hey.